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You Can’t Keep a Good Man Down

November 17, 2015
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This is not about Donald Trump. However, this involves Donald Trump.

There are always people who vote against something rather than for it. While Hillary Clinton praised George W. Bush’s calls against Islamophobia, she would never vote for him. The people who would otherwise vote for Bush might be less interested in doing that after hearing about his calls against something that wasn’t really a problem.

If there was a box for “Not Bush” in 2008, that would have been the clear winner. The closest thing was denying Republicans the presidency. Barack Obama was the perfect “Not Bush” candidate. He was a Democrat, he didn’t have a political dynasty. He had no particular history and he was a younger Black guy. Plus, he didn’t want to fight with the other side, talking about working with the other side of the aisle.

To a real extent, people got their “not Bush.” Obama neglected the Middle East military stage, preferring to focus on praising Muslim powers in the region, regardless of how they felt about America and the West. Legitimate concerns were turned into dangerous ungood thoughts about the mythical good Muslims who seem to easily integrate with the bomb strapping kind.

I’m betting that the marginal reelection of Obama in 2012 was due to claims that killing bin Laden ended terrorism, the lack of any real consequences from Obamacare until the following year, and generous amounts of game rigging by the Democrats. I also think that Hillary Clinton is less popular now than in 2008, making it impossible for the Democrats to win the election next year.

This week’s public support of Donald Trump by Sarah Palin (and vice-versa) may be a sign that people who have been ignored by both political parties may have a place to vote for something other than “Not Obama.” The issues that Trump represents, opposing immigration by people who don’t want to be Americans so much as just don’t want to be where they are, fighting the people who want to kill you, and letting businesses run their business, are wildly popular and seem to be ignored by candidates who are funded by big business, including Democrats.

I still think Trump found the right message rather than being the right messenger. Unfortunately, I may have to live with this mailman despite what he does on his off hours.


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