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Islamophilia Administration

November 16, 2015
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I use the term Islamophilia to describe actions that don’t simply avoid the appearance of bias against Muslims or Islam, but actively prefer Islam because of a perceived victim status. ¬†Essentially, it’s liberals fetishizing terrorists.

Obama admonished anyone who had to listen that we can’t slow the fire hose of unknown Syrian “refugees” (mostly young and male, contrary to the population of most refugees) just because they are Muslim. However, the administration is not allowing Syrian refugees just because they are Christian.

Bush tried to be careful of not going after Islamic culture directly during the Afghan war, sometimes to the detriment of the cause. However, he did this as an act of diplomacy. Barack Obama has never met a special interest group that wasn’t superior to the majority, including himself. He doesn’t prefer terrorists because they are morally superior, he thinks they are morally superior because they are not White and Christian.


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