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The Way to Fight Terrorism | November 15, 2015

Almost any political leader, no matter how socialist and uninvolved, makes a show of blowing shit up when his citizens are attacked. Bill Clinton blew up and aspirin factory. Barack Obama authorized drone death strikes on pointless targets. Hopefully, France’s president has better luck with the bombings launched in Syria today.

G.W. Bush has often been attacked for even starting a war in Iraq. However, the regime change goals were achieved. Few criticized the war in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, Obama gave up on both countries as they became breeding grounds for new terror groups. It may not be prudent to go after a religion, but Irish terror groups were only interested in one little plot of land, and that made it possible to understand their tactics.

The hearts and minds stage is something that can only comes generations from now when Muslims learn that Allah will not let them get away with anything. It’s better for now to separate the hearts from the minds, as well as other body parts, of the terrorists encouraging violence.


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  1. Their hearts are evil and their minds garbage, so it matters not when one considers those appendages, if ever.

    Comment by Mary — November 16, 2015 @ 12:44 am

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