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Who Dies?

November 14, 2015
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I was introduced to the works of Dalton Trumbo and Metallica in the late 1980’s with a video by the latter called “One.” Warning: It’s a heavy metal video.

Trumbo was an anti-war Communist who was blacklisted for not appearing before the House Un-American Activities Committee. Interestingly enough, he did turn in people to the FBI beforehand who wrote to him who tried to use his book “Johnny Got His Gun” to dismiss the plight of Jews and argue for negotiating peace with the Nazis.

Even though Communism is the home of mass murders of a nation’s own citizens, people like Trumbo constantly buy into the hype about socialism being an anti-war philosophy. Trumbo wrote the screenplay based on his early book “Johnny Got His Gun” in 1971. This was the story of a young man who went to war and was injured so badly that he lost his limbs, sight and hearing, making him virtually unable to communicate with the world. The villain was not the enemy’s weapons, but the idea that anyone would be sent to war for any reason.

Most of the world is in a state of potential negotiation at all times now. War isn’t a default option. However, war remains an option for good reason. If you refuse to fight and someone else either doesn’t like you or wants what you have, they can simply attack you without fear of a confrontation. There is no global police force to hunt down suspects. Even if there were, it would be after the fact.

France tried to stay out of military conflicts when possible. Still, even their involvement is the Syrian conflict was enough to bring an attack to them. Not fighting only works until you are attacked. Not fighting after an attack will lead to your destruction. Soldiers die, but at least they have the means to fight. When civilians die, they are tragic victims.


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