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There Aren’t Any No-Go Zones

November 13, 2015
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It’s been known for some time that France (as well as Germany, Italy and other European powers) have a whole lot of Muslims coming to live in their countries. The social theory is that these people coming to the West will help form a sort of salad bowl, where their distinct cultures will blend with the prevalent culture. The reality is that these people come over for jobs, end up in ghettos where their culture become more isolated and then skip the whole idea of looking for work at all.

After the Charlie Hebdo attack, stories of no-go zones were disputed. The idea was that police chose to avoid certain Muslim neighborhoods. I suspect they did, not out of fear so much as concern over stirring up trouble in a place where no one calls the police. The real no-go zone was Paris, where Muslim neighborhoods are almost non-existent. There’s no money in scaring away tourists.

Even if terrorist breeding grounds aren’t in the city, the terrorists have shown they can come to the city. Tonight’s brutal and horrific night of attacks has to make one wonder how long this bifurcated society can last without total warfare.


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