Days of Change

Cool as Ice

November 9, 2015

So NASA decided to put their funding in peril with a study that reports more ice accumulating in the Antarctic. I’m linking to National Geographic because it is biased in the pro-global warming direction, thus requiring some fancy footwork to dispute the conclusions. Global warming theory has two parts. One, higher temperatures are causing a net loss of ice pack year over year in the Antarctic and adding water and water levels to the earth. The second part is that your car and power plants are making this happen.

While technology and industry are life changing, they are insignificant on a planetary scale. The simple fact that the Sun has entered a period of low sunspot activity probably has more to do with statistical increases in temperature. The problem is that the models are in such dispute, we’re not even sure of part one, let alone part two. This planet is entirely capable of riding this out, along with the human population. We’ve done it before and with a lot less technology.


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