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The Forum | November 8, 2015

After CNBC showed petty insults and bias, MSNBC decided to hold a forum where candidates could each describe the positions without podiums or short time limits. Of course, that forum was for Democrats.

When the media complains about Republicans freezing out unfriendly media for primary debates, they don’t mention the boycott of a Fox News Primary Debate in 2008 that started because the left wing of the party (otherwise known as the ones in charge) couldn’t stand the idea of tuning to that channel. Considering the fact that ABC, for example, literally used a question about birth control to kick off an attack line against the Republicans, the GOP hasn’t excluded enough venues.

For the sake of journalistic integrity, debate questions cannot be dictated by the candidates, even though it would eliminate the “gotcha” aspect of debate questions. That fact alone means that media outlets can only be reprimanded after the fact. In the case of Fox News, liberals knew the network might ask questions that would point out flaws of their candidates or possibly reveal Obama’s lack of biography. Unlike the Democrats, who are trying to hide the liberal leanings of candidates, Republicans want to air out the differences between candidates, especially when it may screen out the RINOs that make up about half the field right now.

There’s a Fox Business channel debate coming up with anchors who left CNBC. It should be fun to see the difference.


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  1. It will be revealing to see how Carson does, post-Politico.

    Comment by Mary — November 9, 2015 @ 12:56 am

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