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No Surprise at All

November 7, 2015
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Just in case anyone didn’t think Politico spits out anti-Republican propaganda after the Ben Carson story fiction, today’s big story is “Obama’s Bid to Save the World.” The premise is that Obama is trying to force the US into a fossil fuel free future by cutting off the supply. Since you can’t just point a mirror into your gas tank and fuel up, the immediate and long-term results of reducing supply means that prices will go up. Remember, the $2 per gallon gas we see now is the result of a decade of gas prices near $4 and the ramp-up in domestic production that followed. That production caused OPEC to flood the market in order to starve out places like North Dakota, whose wells are starting to be shut down with a lack of profitability. I don’t see any peak oil yet.

Last week, the Obama administration was asked to postpone a ruling on Keystone on the hopes that a Republican would pass this agreement. The White House responded by alerting Politico to write a puff piece on Obama while he killed more business in the US and Canada. Canada will still pump the same oil, but now it will flow to Canada’s western coast and filling Chinese tankers. In a bit of irony, China is such a big exporter of plastic, the US will still be using that oil as cheap toys and other plastic pieces. At least less of it will be from Iran.

Maybe we should call this Obama’s anti-Iran policy. That would piss off just about everyone.


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