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How I Got Into College | November 6, 2015

Barack Obama managed to turn down the Keystone Pipeline and hardly get any reaction because of the other news of the day. On the left, the news of what should be an average number of new jobs is being touted as a triumph. Most of the “lowest unemployment since…” benchmarks fall squarely in the George W. Bush administration. This means Obama after 7 years is still chasing superior employment during the Bush era.

On the right, the big news is a Politico story about Ben Carson and his biography. Their headline used the words “admitted” and “fabricating” to describe the story of Carson’s experiences before and after he cleaned up his life as a teenager. The headlines and the descriptions have since been changed on the website after they were unable to back up that any fabrication or admissions were involved. Any discrepancies were a matter of opinion, not like the fake National Guard memos that were provably created from Microsoft Word 30 years after the fact.

West Point doesn’t officially recruit, but they do encourage people to seek appointments and can help get them the Congressional letter required for admission. I graduated with someone who went there and had a local Congressman write the letter. It seems, however, that it’s not like the way I got into college. Other colleges who don’t graduate officers or offer free admission will take anyone who can pay the admission and meets basic standards. I got early admission and a small scholarship when I went to school. Getting a “free ride” is a big deal. In the case of West Point, it requires a big obligation. Ben Carson chose to devote his life to medicine instead. I guess Politico thinks that makes him a bad person.


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  1. Rush is accusing Politico and the msm of an “e-lynching” of Carson, a stake in their twisted liberal hearts.

    Comment by Mary — November 7, 2015 @ 1:04 am

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