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Amexico | November 2, 2015

Sanity left the border debate in the 1980’s. Back then, Ronald Reagan signed off on an amnesty program for illegal aliens living in America. The reasoning was sound. Amnesty is the process of forgiving past crimes as an incentive to resolving those crimes. The problem with amnesty is that it was not followed by enforcement of legal citizenship. The Democrats in Congress never brought it to the president.

Since then, the leadership of both parties have participated in an amnesty arms race. Liberals believe in a one world government where the older, smarter socialists of Europe can be melded with the moral certitude of Middle Eastern zealotry. Mexico is smaller scale of this theory. Mexicans come over poor with no job skills. The ones who find work are often manual laborers. These jobs could potentially be unionized. Others can live off the government dole and become addicted. The high rates of dependence in the urban Black community is a good base for Democrats, but is so blatant White people don’t want to be a part of it. So the Democrats have decided that their overall hatred for the past includes the race of the people who founded this country.

On the Republican side, you have the “pro” business and libertarian types. To them, anyone who wants to come to the US will make an awesome citizen. They won’t just do the jobs real Americans won’t, they’ll do labor for less, not complain about OSHA violations or minimum wage infractions. If they get injured, they might slink off to die instead of risking a hospital visit. It’s like slavery without the negative connotations.

The people who are currently citizens don’t see the benefit, nor will we. There is no scenario with a large illegal population that won’t lead to massive debt, lower quality of life and more crime in the country. It is the new third rail of politics and the fact that only Donald Trump can talk about it without getting a call from a big donor speaks to the monolithic conventional wisdom regarding the topic. Someday, it may be impossible to elect a president who spoke up against open borders, but it’s not that time yet.

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  1. The Repubs are suffering from Hispanic Panic.

    Comment by Mary — November 3, 2015 @ 6:14 am

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