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Warning Trigger

November 30, 2015
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Killing anyone in the name of protecting life is a morally contradictory and politically pointless act. The practice of abortion often gathers sympathy and supporters of the procedure become more stalwart. In New York state, the government is actually spending more money to place armed police at Planned Parenthood clinics, something they won’t do for the schools.

Everyone seems to be looking at “trigger warnings” as a combination of politically correct speech from the 1990’s and the barring of words or actions that exacerbate the PTSD of people who suffered trauma. I think the concern over triggers by young leftists is much more interesting.

There is some evidence that the shooting at a Planned Parenthood facility was related to the videos released months ago of medical personnel trying to get the most expensive parts of fetal organs out of aborted babies for the purpose of gathering more donations from the companies they supply at a supposed flat rate. The flat rate is gone, but the donations probably continue. There is more than one supplier of tissue.

That practice helps to legitimize abortion, which is why other administrations were careful not to open the floodgates on harvesting the results of a legal but gruesome practice. Abortion providers are often called “baby killers.” Soldiers were also called that by people who were on the opposite political end of the spectrum, even though abortionists are more accurately the ones who kill only babies.

Shootings are a gift to the left. It allows their grand unification theory of ungood thought. Because of the First Amendment, people are allowed to call abortion doctors baby killers. However, that tends to remind people that abortion isn’t about a woman trying to make something of her life, but a way to drastically remove the result of a bad life choice. Despite the outliers, most abortions are performed because of the impact on lifestyle and income.

The one way to ban free speech is to equate it with the “shouting fire in a crowded theater” exception. It doesn’t matter how much aborted babies suffer or are mutilated to extract organs, the truth is so powerful that it becomes dangerous. If the truth is a virus, too many on the left want government to be the vaccine.

This is the truth behind trigger warnings, safe spaces and cultural sensitivity. While there is a wall of words creating a media narrative, just a little bit of the opposing view can get through, just like a virus. Even worse for the leftists and socialists and statists, the older and wiser you get, the less interested you are in tearing everything down and letting some young politician tell everyone what to do.

The trigger warnings aren’t about respecting others or making them feel included. It is about those very protesters who see their “conservative uncles” and other real people who either never fell for their crap or grew out of it. They are trying desperately to keep the truth out because they think they will eventually change their minds given enough exposure to “dangerous” messages.


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Slow Going

November 29, 2015
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I guess I’ve reached another lull in my blogging tonight. I think this weekend is the last I can spend doing significant outdoor activity without fighting off cold temperatures. I’m lucky that we got another month or so of “fall” weather, but the time is coming where it will be no fun to go outside and run errands.

I’m hoping that I can make due with working around the house. I’d also like to blog about something other than Donald Trump, but he’s really sucking up all the oxygen lately.

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I Gotta Read My Blog More Often

November 28, 2015

I was going to write some more about Donald Trump and his talk radio message packaged for a candidate who doesn’t need a Republican donor. Instead, I came upon some old posts about the Donald Trump debate. Remember that? I sure didn’t.

Almost 4 years ago, Donald Trump tried to host a Republican debate in Iowa shown on broadcast network ION and hosted by conservative media outlet Newsmax. The participant list dwindled to Rick Santorum (desperate) and Newt Gingrich (that month’s front runner) by early December of 2011. By mid-December, Trump had decided against moderating, claiming that he was considering a third-party run. That was when he dropped his Republican registration as well.

I understand that Trump seems refreshing because he says the outrageous things that get donations cut off for other candidates. At the same time, he has to pull this off for another 11 months while he’s only been at it for about 5 so far. The first primary he loses is going to be brutal. He already badmouthed Iowa when Ben Carson managed to get ahead of him in the polls.

Much like the debate that didn’t go his way, if Trump has even a few setbacks in the primaries, expect him to badmouth the process and go third party. Or maybe he’ll go away. In either case, he’ll probably hand the election to Hillary Clinton, which he will also blame on the people who didn’t kiss his ass. Who knows? Maybe he’ll run away with the nomination and the election. Then he can just nuke the people who don’t agree with him.

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Exterior Illumination

November 27, 2015

This is the first time I have personally put up Christmas lights by Thanksgiving and placed them along the roof line. That involved the borrowing of a ladder and a metal hook now attached to the roof. I think I’m somewhere in the ballpark of 700 LED and filament lights, 2 extension cords and one hefty timer when the wreath goes up this weekend.

Ultimately, I can thank my slight amount of preparation and a massive amount of luck that has kept the weather temperate for much longer than my part of the country usually gets. We actually had Fall this year!

In fact, I may get all the storm windows up in 60 degree weather rather than the 20 degrees and slight icing I end up with for those last couple that don’t stay up all year. Plus, I have my car back from the shop. Yet the Yuletide season commence.

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Happy Black Friday

November 26, 2015
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My Thanksgiving post is kind of late. I’ll be enjoying a day off with no obligations tomorrow.

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Punked – Manhattan Edition

November 25, 2015
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Sadly, some of the things children learn in school are factoids, pointless trivia that is highly quotable but lacks any knowledge behind it. One of those is the “24 dollars” that the Dutch spent buying the island of Manhattan, worth approximately 3 trillion dollars in real estate today.

First of all, the purchase price was not $24 because US dollars didn’t exist. The price was 60 guilders. That currency exists today, and 60 Dutch guilders are worth $1000 US.  As far as the “beads” myth, there is no specific list of what was exchanged, but similar deals involved items like woven cloth and knives, things the Indians didn’t have the ability to produce.

Then there’s the more complicated question of property rights. One of the other stories about the deal is that the original Manhattan residents “sold” the land believing that land could not be owned then got a harsh lesson when they were driven off with guns. This is a total fabrication. Multiple tribes existed in America at the time, and land borders were constantly defined and negotiated.

There is a theory that the low low price of 60 guilders was actually paid to a group of natives who had no claim to the land at all. In modern vernacular, the Dutch were punked by scam artists. Later, they had to negotiate a much less favorable deal with the owners of the land.

Finally, the land that was Manhattan wasn’t extremely valuable. That land only became important decades later when it was the capital of the United States. That was followed by massive construction and becoming the financial center of the world. In the 1000 years before that, the tribes using that land made no changes to it whatsoever.

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When a Turkey Fights Back

November 24, 2015
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Flightless fowl have let to stage a rebellion against Thanksgiving, but the country of Turkey has had enough of Putin. The country is pretty territorial about their air space. They didn’t allow the US entry during the War on Terror. We all know Russia and Vladimir Putin, the Donald Trump of that country.

After some number of warnings, Turkish planes shot down Russian jets inside their air space. To add insult to injury, one of the pilots was shot to death by rebels along the Turkish border as he ejected. I assume Turkey is trying to show they are serious about not wanted to get involved. However, making your bones going against Putin can lead to you getting a Polonium enema.

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Great Thanksgiving So Far

November 23, 2015
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My car decided to break down this morning, so this holiday is going well so far. No currents events news today, except Obama is still a jackass and New Orleans is as bad as Syria.

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The Anti-Bush

November 22, 2015

For decades, Israel has had to deal with attacks from Muslims at a military level and from bombings, both live and remote. As a result, their country has a strong security stance, while at the same time, allowing Muslims into the country every day to work.

Europe has seen a steady “browning” of their population as non-European immigrants outgrow the dwindling resident population. Even so, attacks were not something to be concerned about until the last decade or so.

America has had a more scattered history with home-grown terror. The Clinton administration made great efforts to convince the public that the first World Trade Center attack was amateur (in reality, it was very close to completing its goal) or that some poor security guard set off a pipe bomb at the Olympics in 1996.

Bush brought America front and center with the War on Terror. Being a protracted fight, there were some wins and some losses. It turned out that people wanted a quick victory that maintained the dignity of the Muslims fighting us. That’s how we got Obama.

Now that we’re in a world where nearly every country faces the reality of terrorist attacks, we have a president who refuses to let the terrorists win a moral victory by letting them win actual victories. Blow up a few Muslims, read everyone’s e-mail (especially journalists) and we can catch all the really important terror plots. If we do get attacked, the first thing this White House will do is blame Edward Snowden.

Obama really is the anti-Bush. If America learned one thing over these 8 years, I hope it’s that Obama is not Bush.

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The Turkey Cometh

November 21, 2015
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Did you know turkey is the most popular sandwich meat? I guess it makes sense since people only cook or eat a whole turkey on a few days of the year. Most of the time, turkey tastes enough like chicken that we use those easier whole birds or head over to KFC.

Anyway, I’m not sure where my turkey is coming from this year.

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