Days of Change

The Real Trump Effect

October 30, 2015

Of the thousands of people who think they can run for president, I tend to favor the hundred or so who are or were governors. No one is a more effective Republican as a governor than Scott Walker. His presidential aspirations are over for 2016. Now we’re left with people who only achieve support by not having a history of crushing Democrats.

Donald Trump has forced Republicans into outrageous comments, making uncomfortably strict statements about immigration punishment and having to answer weird personal insults from the Donald himself. The silver lining is that Wednesday’s debate also encouraged the candidates to do something Trump has been doing all along, calling out the media.

The GOP is not lacking in the “tell it like it is” category. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz do it on a regular basis. Republican talking points are highly popular. Republican action (or lack of same) is what disconnects them from the votes they seek. The only reason why they don’t take action is the fear of losing future votes. At the very least, the GOP needs to leverage their power to schedule debates to leave out openly hostile entities. The Democrats already shut out Fox in 2008.


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