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Everybody Wins

October 28, 2015
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Everyone at the Prime Time Debate tonight faced one foe. The remarks were unreasonable, the attacks were ridiculous and the value to voters was impossible to determine. It wasn’t Trump, it was the moderation. It turns out that CNBC, the “business” network, is very much the same as having MSNBC moderating a Republican debate. This isn’t much of a surprise, given one of the moderators is a contributor on MSNBC.

I think Ted Cruz brought up the idea to Sean Hannity on the Fox News after coverage (which will probably get higher ratings) that Hannity and other conservatives (Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin) moderate a debate. It would be similar to the concept of the liberal media hosting a Democratic debate. Conservatives would ask the candidates questions that the actual Republican primary voters want to know. They could actually spell out specific ideas and plans. It might even be more contentious because the candidates would have to prove who is more conservative. It’s also the reason why the RNC wouldn’t go for it.

In fact, the winner of the CNBC debate was the entire collection of Republican candidates. They took on a blatant example of media bias right in front of them. It wasn’t a petty complaint about being asked hard questions like the Trump blow up over Megyn Kelly. This was a direct assault where media people asked the candidates to defend their existence on the planet or trash other candidates.

I wonder what the Lame Stream media will make up about tonight?


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