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October 24, 2015

If America goes crazy (crazier) in 2016 and puts in a Democratic Party majority in the House, Nancy Pelosi will be the Speaker of the House. She’s been the #1 top Democrat in the lower house since 2003 and she’ll likely stay there. Even though she was responsible for leading the charge in one of the worst losses for House Democrats in 2010, the leftist establishment wing of the party has the power to keep her in.

This is not the case with Republicans. The inability of the GOP to get behind a conservative candidate for president has led to a sort of Tea Party revolt where some Republicans want a Congress that meets Obama’s unwillingness to compromise with their defiance to passing any budget for the White House to use. This is similar to what Newt Gingrich did as a newly minted Speaker. That garnered him disdain from the media and a short term in office. Dennis Hastert took the place as a guy who didn’t want the job, but was willing to do it.

In that Groucho Marx tradition, Paul Ryan will likely accept the role of Speaker vacated by John Boehner after only a few years. However, he will not work weekends and does not plan to fight to keep the job. If Tea Party Republicans wanted a fighter, it probably won’t be Ryan.

How do you have unity in a party where one group thinks they can work with a president and the other group has seen every example to the contrary? I don’t know the answer. I don’t even know if it will change with a Republican in the White House. All I know is that the Democrats are drinking some kind of unity Kool-Aid and it worries me.


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