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What Difference Does Hillary’s Testimony Make?

October 22, 2015
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It’s basically impossible for there to be a “smoking gun” e-mail where Hillary Clinton writes that she took the money for embassy protection and gave it to Muslim outreach. Instead, we can only see a trail of information, followed by disinformation. That’s what we got today in Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi testimony.

Witnesses can give whatever testimony they want. We have laws and principles in place that require they be truthful and factual. The thing about lying is that if one can be caught in a lie, it taints the rest of their testimony. We call that impeachment. It’s the only kind of impeachment we’ll get.

The most important revelation in the hearings today was that Clinton’s (business and personal) e-mails in the hours after Benghazi were remarkably accurate about the eventual perpetrators of the attack, namely AL-Qaeda. It also sheds light of Clinton’s “what difference, at this point, does it matter?” outburst during previous testimony.

The problem is that it did not make a difference at the hearing so much as it made a difference during the 2012 campaign. The news that Mitt Romney was right about administration failings and that Obama was wrong about AL-Qaeda being on the ropes could have had a much different impact on the election. Remember, Richard Nixon’s crimes amounted to influencing his 1972 re-election.

Obama is president and there’s not much we can do about that. What we can do is stop the spread by keeping Hillary Clinton (and Joe Biden) out of the White House. That’s what the House panel is doing. It’s not political, it’s shedding light on political crimes.


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