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Requiem for Continuum

October 17, 2015
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I’ve mentioned the series “Continuum” before. In the wake of media generated movements like Occupy, this series took the plot device of time travel to show how corporations might take over debt ridden governments and that libertarians may become the new terrorists. However, the show was never one-sided. First, the anti-corporate fighters were violent terrorists. Then we discovered the future was a totalitarian police state. Then we learned that history had changed for the worst because taking down the corporations led to one of the terrorists who knew how to do business becoming a dictator in a new future.

Unfortunately, the concepts of the show were not a big ratings grabber and the series was cut down to 3 seasons and a hastily constructed 6 episode finale. The best future for humanity was restored by a balance between two brothers, one who embraced technology and the other who made sure technology was used for the cause of human freedom.

Corporate support for the Obama campaign and administration proved that the free market has the capacity to look out for short-term selfish interests rather than liberty and honest competition. Even conservatives are now looking past the free market to freedom itself. Business isn’t bad, but it is morally ambiguous. Like everyone else, they must express equal measures of freedom and responsibility.


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