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Debate Night 3- CNBC

October 16, 2015
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Both the Trump and Carson campaigns made specific demands of CNBC to its debate format. Earlier debates have been a moving target, mostly because of the large number of candidates and the Trump effect. CNN loaded more ad time in their debate, pushing the overall time to three hours. Donald Trump has complained loudly about that and basically threatened to boycott the debate if CNBC goes longer than 2 hours. Ben Carson’s has publicly called for opening and closing statements. Other campaigns have requested that in private. The RNC has made sure with CNBC that those requests will be met, something that probably should have been the case earlier.

CNBC may be a successful cable network, its ratings aren’t anywhere near Fox News or even CNN. I’m sure Donald Trump would get more press out of a boycott than joining the debate. Other candidate are sick of a question process that focuses on Donald Trump and gives other candidates about half as much time overall. The Fiorina campaign has gone back to being the underdog, with Carly offering that any format is fine with her because she has more endurance than Trump. Of course, the underdog often welcomes debates more than the front-runner.

I personally still think debates are stupid, especially with more than 3-4 candidates. At least opening and closing statements help to introduce the people running. I’m only looking forward to CNBC being extra angry at Trump for telling them how to run a debate. Of course, they can’t do too much. Reruns of The Apprentice are their bread and butter.


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