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The More Things Change | October 15, 2015

I remember when Generation X was the big thing. There were movies (Sinlges, Empire Records) and TV shows (Friends, obviously) featuring their up and coming culture. They were the children of the baby boomers. They had to deal with a world where you didn’t just walk into a factory at 17 and work there until 65 with a pension and a nest egg.So that generation also became cynical and less prone to accept the status quo.

A story has been hitting the Internet where a Millennial (with her author mommy’s help) posted an open letter as to why she has to quit one of many jobs she has taken because she is not appreciated and the people who aren’t as dedicated in her opinion are given a free ride. With the irony only a Generation Xer can appreciate, she tries to navigate the stereotypes of Millennials while exhibiting every last one of them. The definitive response is at the Federalist.

Millennials are in the weird position of being the children of young Baby Boomers and old Generation X parents. Both groups must have done well, because those kids didn’t quite get the grounding in real life that would prepare them for crappy jobs. Having confidence and a sense of self may not be a bad thing, but I can tell you the down side. I have a Millennial for a manager and he is unwilling to admit when he doesn’t know things. That is not a good trait in any employee.

At the same time, every generation complains about the generation behind it. Below is a clip from WKRP where a couple of post-Depression born adults talk about the generation gap with people who are less than 10 years younger than they are.


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  1. Whatever her niche/label, the Millennial with the author mommy sounds like an accomplished whiner to me.

    Comment by Mary — October 15, 2015 @ 11:24 pm

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