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Debating for Schmucks

October 14, 2015
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Surprisingly, the first Democratic Candidate Debate drew 15 million viewers last night, even though almost no one I know of watched it. I don’t watch many debates. I think they may be more for the politically uninformed. Those most you get out of a debate is a chance to see a candidate flounder on the spot (Obama in 2012 debate #1 with Romney) or get a few sound bites. I caught a couple of the sound bites from last night. Apparently, Hillary Clinton refused to answer a question. At least she’s consistent. Also, Bernie Sanders got Hillary supporters all hot for him by stating that no one cares about Clinton’s e-mail.

Socialism is one thing. It’s the simplistic theory that resources are finite and that a person does not a unique place in society. Why have rich and poor people when everyone can be the same? Of course, the answer is that everyone ends up poor that way, lazy people mooch off the system and productive people give up because their increased burden yields no rewards. That is supposedly Bernie Sanders.

In reality, Bernie is a statist. He believes that the government is a superior organization that should rule over people. How do I know this? Because he doesn’t care about Hillary’s e-mails. If the Clinton Foundation were a business, he’d want it prosecuted. If he cared about the rights of people around the world,, he’d want to know what that compound was doing in Benghazi. At the very least, he should care about those deals the Clintons made with the Middle East where the foundation got donations and the countries got political favors.

At this point, it looks like Hillary will get the nomination. That’s means the Republicans will win the White House without even trying.


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