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Why Aren’t We All Colombians?

October 12, 2015
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Today is Columbus Day, where we celebrate the discovery of the greatest continent on earth and have to listen to malcontents bitch about how civilization is bad. Yes, there is a point here. Socialism never creates a society, it only modifies it. There are no socialist explorers. No socialists self-funded a vessel to create a commune where they would share all their meager goods with the indigenous population.

When people live anywhere, the first goal is to not die from starvation. Then it’s to not die from exposure. Then it’s to not die from predators. At some point after defining a homestead, it’s time to form a community. Every socialist in history looked at the world through the window of a society already built from the principles of the free market. They decide that it is time for progress (because progressives are socialists) as if self-preservation is an immature instinct. That’s like saying eating food and drinking water can be improved upon by not doing them anymore.

Getting back to the topic, although Columbus was funded by Spain, he was Italian. So was Amerigo Vespucci. He’s the mapmaker who ended up having the Americas named after him. Columbus didn’t actually know where he was.


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