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Benghazi is Hillary

October 11, 2015
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Frankly, I don’t watch Hannity’s Fox News program. I do listen to his radio show when I’m in the car. I didn’t really seek out the thing Rep. Kevin McCarthy said about Hillary Clinton and the Benghazi hearings. This weekend, I saw the clip. Then I went to find the original interview.

McCarthy was talking about strategy. I understand the point. The disaster in Benghazi was lied about from the beginning. It was used by CNN to attack Mitt Romney instead of Barack Obama. It was under Hillary Clinton’s watch as Secretary of State. As a matter of strategy, stonewalling is not a crime unless the information being covered up can be revealed. Republicans started Benghazi hearings to find out what was being hidden. They would have liked to find Obama at the center of it, but his typical disengagement showed he was not. However, what they did find was that the State Department oversaw many aspects of that post that made it an easy target for terror.

When McCarthy talks about Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers, he’s answering the question of “What did the Benghazi hearings find?” Right now, they found a script that downplayed a credible strategic reason for the attack while the narrative of an incendiary YouTube video was pushed instead. We know that Hillary Clinton was so flustered as to the reasons behind the attack that she gave the infamous “what difference does it make?” remark. We also know that Clinton funneled her e-mails to a personal mail server, then deleted messages before handing it over. All of these things lowered her poll numbers.

Sean Hannity’s constant prodding for “results” in the previous 4 minutes led to McCarthy explaining a solid result. The result was Hillary’s low poll numbers. The reason for the low numbers was not the Benghazi hearings. The hearings were also not held to lower Clinton’s poll numbers. What was revealed in the course of the hearings was what dove Clinton’s numbers downward. Of course, Hillary supporters think she was awesome for hiding her e-mail and lying to Republicans. They probably ask “what difference does it make?”


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