Days of Change

Which Failed Democrat is Next?

October 10, 2015

This may shock you, but I think Hillary Clinton would have made a less bad (I’m not sure about “better”) president than Barack Obama. Hillary would have been forced to accept some of Bill’s advice, which usually involves some amount of compromise. Obama will leave behind a lousy economy, a dangerous world fully convinced of America’s impotence and a Democratic Party who has no up and comers due to the incredible unpopularity of legislation he signed off.

So the back bench of the Democratic Party can be best exemplified by the candidates for their party’s nomination. You have an old socialist, a slightly younger guy no one’s heard of and Hillary Clinton. There are not enough Americans who like Clinton enough to elect her president, so Democrats secretly find ways to end her presidential campaign without facing her wrath.

The current speculation is about either Joe Biden or Al Gore getting into the race. Remember, Al Gore lost the general election and Biden was never even close to the nomination. Biden was likely running for Vice President in 2008 and won that. There have been stories about him running for his dead son, which is ghoulish considering his first wife and daughter died shortly after his first Senate election.

Al Gore is popular with nuts, like George Soros, who think he really won the 2000 election, even though he didn’t. I have devoted hundreds of words to why that’s the case, so I’m going to leave it out of this post. Unfortunately, his perversions and the inability of anyone to take him seriously will be negatives. One thing is clear. That bipartisan bullshit Obama won with in 2008 won’t fly this time.


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