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October 9, 2015

One of the biggest problems with arguing for gun use by people is that you can’t prove a negative. It is nearly impossible to carry a gun on a daily basis inside any building that when some nut does it illegally with the intent of shooting fish in a barrel, even experienced gun owners have to try to get back to their vehicle for their weapon.

Someone put together a list of 12 incidents where a “good guy with a gun” halted an active shooter. At least half of the good guys were off-duty police, had law enforcement training or were responsible for the security at the location. This actually brings up an important point. We don’t need everyone walking around with weapons, we only need a small number of people allowed to carry their personal weapons. In other words, we need to stop creating and publicizing “gun-free zones.”

Gun free zones are actually dumb statements by businesses that they are afraid of guns and don’t want to argue with yahoos who think they should be able to shop with a rifle. In order to rid your establishment of guns, you would need metal detectors, barriers that could not be overrun by bullets and some good guy with a gun working security. Otherwise, it’s just a sign that means “Defenseless sheep inside.”

I personally would like to see more police officers allowed to have a weapon in civilian settings, as they are the most likely to take action against a gunman. At the same time, police organizations have to start respecting the rights and ability of citizens to own guns. It may make their job easier, but if they got their way and disarmed the populace, their guns are next. Then, how will they stop a guy with a gun?


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