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What is a Republican?

October 7, 2015
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I’ll preface this post by noting that a Democrat is a leftist who has such disdain for the democratic process that they welcome the lies of a candidate being a centrist when he actually wants more government intervention and less freedom.

Republicans come in a few different flavors. While the term “Republican in Name Only” has become popular, a RINO is a Republican in both name and deed. The conservative tests for Republicans usually amount to lip service. If there is a right and left side to every issue, there aren’t enough conservatives who are on the right side of every issue. It’s important to be right on the key issues. That’s what a platform is for.

I would ask what the threshold is for a proper Republican and are there enough of them in government? I am willing to vote for a less conservative Republican if the “far right” was so unpopular. It’s not, but the issues have to be defined. Donald Trump is defining what he considers key issues and is on the right for most of them. Then again, so was Ross Perot and his campaign imploded.


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