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Shooting in the Wrong Direction

October 5, 2015
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Despite what they’re saying, Democrats do not want an immediate end to gun ownership or new regulations. They tried that three years ago and there are more Republicans in Congress now. This is the worst kind of political pandering. They are attempting to make gun rights advocates look inflexible and out of ideas. Hillary Clinton already has a “gun control” plan which will bring back the “assault” rifle bans of her husband along with de-facto gun bans through unlimited review periods.

Mass shootings happen in America because we have guns, but even countries with gun bans have some (illegal) guns. Worse yet for gun grabbers, bans do not reduce murder rates significantly, but property crimes and assaults skyrocket after gun bans are introduced. For the left, guns being talismans of evil is a matter of faith. It’s kind of ironic considering the shooter at UCC hated religion.

So far, the media has talked about a “conversation” on guns in this country. This conversation usually ends with telling a conservative that they have no ideas. It is preceded by that conservative proving than any ideas the gun control side has are not effective. The UCC shooter had legal guns, so guns laws didn’t work. He had multiple guns, so magazine / clip limits don’t work. Obama sent a bunch of untraceable guns to Mexico, so he doesn’t work.


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