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October 4, 2015

Ace of Spades commented on an article from Milo Yiannopoulos about the UCC shooter. The premise of the Breitbart piece was that feminism was restricting the nature of boys to conquer and defeat opponents to the point where they crack. I actually liked Ace’s point better than the alpha males still get to do that, but the “loser” men in society get beaten down by feminist dogma more readily.

There was a shooting a while back where the perpetrator made a video about how he didn’t have sexual access to cheerleaders and it made him want to shoot people. And this kid’s family had some money. Ace mentioned other males in the world who were throwing their lives away.

And there’s always this sort of Failed Man in every society. Japan has a lot of Failed Men. In Japan, there has been a response to realizing one was a Failed Man: Suicide.

In America, these Failed Men still long for suicide, but they wish to beĀ famous, and they’re lonely for company in their way to the grave.

I think this goes back to the difference between boys and girls. Women have been directed toward certain life choices and careers. Men have been directed towards others. Even without that same pressure, men are still construction workers and women are still secretaries in disproportionate numbers. For girls in school, the solution was to instill self-esteem about how great they are. I think this works to some extent because women are more suggestible than men, something that I expect to catch hell for in comments.

For boys, this self-esteem is processed differently. Boys already think they are the most important persons in the world. Normally, life and activities would give them the lesson that they are not. Instead, all the external factors adults control are geared toward either not keeping score in a game or handing out prizes regardless of outcome or effort. What happens when everyone says you can do anything and reality shows otherwise? You learn everyone around you is stupid. Now, you’ve created a man who has low self-esteem and low esteem for everyone else.

That’s my theory of the young male shooter. He can’t find his place in the world, but he blames the world for it. The worst people in the word are the ones he interacts with every day, like fellow students. He didn’t learn to fight to win, he learned that violence was wrong. He then discovered HE was wrong because he couldn’t get the things in life everyone is supposedly entitled to. He couldn’t become a PC hero. Instead, he becomes a powerful villain. I doubt that all the media blackouts in the world will fix this, either. These shooters aren’t thinking about the TV segment a week after he’s cold in the ground. He’s thinking of the power of life and death he holds in his hands in that room while it’s happening.

The bad news is that there’s not much of a solution I can give. It seems to me that a religious upbringing would help a young man see a reality more important than himself. The UCC shooter could have used a religious experience.


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