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Me Am Smart

October 3, 2015
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One of the reasons that Benjamin Carson was invited to speak one year at the national prayer breakfast was because he was an exceptional man. He was a top neurosurgeon. He came from humble beginnings. He’s Black. Better yet, he was all that and still a Christian. It was just a bonus when he talked about how un-Christian Obama is.

The previous Black Republican candidate from 2012 was Herman Cain. He has an advanced degree in computer science and worked for the Department of the Navy. He was CEO of Godfather’s Pizza. In that capacity, he argued with Bill Clinton in a town hall about the negative impacts of a health care plan that Hillary Clinton was developing. He essentially took away any hope of Hillary Clinton being a legislative leader during Bill Clinton’s administration. Looking back, it doesn’t seem like it would be too hard to find a few rabid Hillary fans who would make up a sexual harassment claim during the campaign of 2012.

Then you have guys like Barack Obama. He went to an expensive college and that alone supposedly makes him smart. He never produced work of any substance in his chosen academic major. His grades are a state secret. His lesson plan during his “teaching” career was never to be found. Somehow, we are supposed to listen to what he says as if it means anything.

This year, Ben Carson says the kind of things that would automatically get people labeled as ignorant morons. The only problem is that academic and professional accomplishments mean something to the left, more than making money. Ben Carson is smart by all the calculus used when academics are pulled out of thin air to refute opinions as fact. Newly minted climatologist Bill Nye, the “science” guy, has a simple Bachelors degree which he stopped using professionally 25 years ago.

Much like “liberal” Hollywood, mediocre scientists and engineers find their prospects limited by being against Global Warming fantasies. The most brazen are often given the biggest grants and the most TV exposure. People like Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson get the best of both worlds. They are embraced by the entertainment industry and praised by the rock star scientific community. Neither of them has saved a baby by operating on their brain.


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