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The Sizzle and the Stakes

October 2, 2015
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Ted Cruz is probably one of the best lawyers of the many, many lawyers in politics. he’s also very unhappy with the way parliamentary procedures are used in Congress. The rules of the Senate developed over the decades to be deliberate. By that token, they are also slow. This would be good, but it also shields lawmakers from making decisions that could affect elections. This has led to only one person, the president, being responsible and theoretical responsible. That’s how you get an imperial presidency.

Sadly, the Republican game plan has been laid bare in just the last decade or so. They are not always the opposition party in the legislature they were for generations and gaining political power is taking precedence over issues.

In 2006, they lost Congress. My opinion was that they supported too many bad candidates (Arlen Specter and airport bathroom guy Larry Craig come to mind) and let Republican slide on self-imposed term limits from 1994. The GOP saw the loss as based on the Iraq War. They had no message in 2008 and were decimated relative to where they had recently been.

This is where they tried to sell the steak with the sizzle. Mitch McConnell, who was about to lose even a filibuster stance with 40 Republicans, declared he was going to thwart the president’s agenda. The Republicans accepted the Tea Party, having no ideas of their own. Incredibly, the House had the power of the purse against Obama and used it extremely briefly in 2011.

The true plan unfolded. The Republicans planned to talk tough to get votes, but not pass any legislation that might lose the votes of non-conservatives. The Senate wanted the majority, so they stopped trying to shut down the government. Through Obama’s horrible actions, people put in a Senate majority out of frustration in 2014. They have done less to thwart the president than when they were 15 members weaker in 2010.

The GOP wants the presidency and they are holding conservative values hostage to do so. If we end up with a Democrat, they may put up a fight for a few months until they go back to campaign mode. It seems like they need to be taught what it means to be the majority in Congress. Either that, or they need to be the minority again.


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