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I’m Not Against Deportation | September 30, 2015

Back in the normal days of politics, the Republican Party held to what I call the Lou Dobbs standard. Employers would be required to use the federal E-Verify system and resolve any inconsistencies. Identification should also be required for government services. Also, the IRS needs to stop issuing taxpayer ID numbers to illegal immigrants to give them the semblance of legality. A wall or fence would also be needed, mostly to protect the US from criminals, drug dealers, gang members or rapist coyotes.

Preventing the possibility of employment removes the “magnet,” or incentive for Mexicans to seek illegal work in the US. Removing welfare would create a situation where illegal immigrants would have to self-deport, i.e. leave. Is this possible? It would require non-corrupt politicians and some laws to be passed. Also, some lawsuits would be fought. It’s unlikely.

Enforced deportation, on the other hand, seems like an extreme solution in reality. As a talking point, it’s a real crowd pleaser. When 70% of Americans support deportation, that number is bound to drop by half as soon as some of their Facebook friends call them racists and compare them to Hitler. I call that soft support. Mainstream Republicans, RINO or conservative, are not warm on the idea. Libertarians reject it outright because they believe in a minimum wage of $0 where anyone in the world should be able to compete with an American for a job.

The best social engineering occurs when small changes result in positive behavior by the people themselves. Taking away incentives in the US makes illegals more prone to leave. Fair is not part of the equation. Government does all kinds of unfair and wrong things. I believe in KISS – keep it simple, stupid.


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  1. It’s not jut greedy employers who are the problem. As long as American householders can get their lawns mowed and houses cleaned for a few dollars a day, the illegals will keep coming.

    Comment by Mary — October 1, 2015 @ 1:43 am

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