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It’s Not Scott Walker | September 22, 2015

My tirades in various places over Scott Walker’s campaign ending and Donald Trump’s continued existence on this earth might have been a little much, but they were about something bigger than them. The three top candidates are a guy who has held nearly every opinion, a woman who bought a nomination and lost a Senate race and a doctor who eschewed politics until a few months ago. Most of the governors and Senators running in the GOP field are lagging behind, probably because they have political track records.

Picking a clean slate as president was the Barack Obama strategy. It is more likely, not less, to give us an imperial president. If you want fresh meat in government, vote for a new Congressman. Their retention rates are going back up since 2010. I also think Trump’s negatives are high and Carly’s aren’t much better with the Republican base. I’m going to take the middle road and support whoever the Republican nominee is. I just don’t care who it is now.


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  1. It occurred to me today that because anyone who thinks only with his soul as well as his brain hates the evil incarnate that obama is, we are starting the race at the finish line. For the next few months, patience may be the best preparation for personal action.

    Comment by Mary — September 23, 2015 @ 2:15 am

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