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Old is New | September 17, 2015

To some extent, Donald Trump has defined more policy positions than other GOP candidates. He’s had more interviews and interviewers generally like to hammer him more on policy. By the same token, he has little new to say as far a substance. This means that when he does debate, people are watching for one thing. They want to see what new insults he has for candidates.

Ronald Reagan would disparage a competitor in the Republican Party once in a while. He would usually allude to the person and not mention them by name. The 11th Commandment is not about shutting up about differences, it about not feeding media jackals. Reagan already knew how to work with the one-eyed monster in front of him from years in movies and TV. HE also knew that a debate can be edited down to a trash session among people in the same party. Donald Trump wants to constantly feed the one-eyed monster because he gets sad and lonely without it.

If I look for a recap of last night’s debate, I will get what Trump said about people and what they said about Trump. Maybe I’ll get what one candidate said about another who isn’t Trump. What I will not see are the mentions of Hillary Clinton or Obama, even though some candidates tried hard to keep it about them. If these debates are going to be about old policy and new insults, every Republican is going to look bad.


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  1. You are so right about them making fools of themselves with their silly, boring squabbling. They’ve lost sight of the real enemy, the Dems.

    Comment by Mary — September 18, 2015 @ 2:34 am

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