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That Face | September 10, 2015

It’s pretty much a given that the GOP and the Republicans leading Congress have no backbone. After fighting in 2009 and 2010 with constant filibusters as their only recourse, the leadership decided that a slim majority in the House wasn’t enough to do very much. This year, they decided a majority in both houses didn’t mean they should fight Obama’s agenda. They’re just trying to run out the clock on an administration so bad that a Republican would almost have to be elected in 2016.

It also seems you can have too much backbone. That’s Donald Trump. Today, he criticized Carly Fiorina by saying “that face” doesn’t inspire voters. There are actually people who think this guy is on a fast track to the White House. Trump wants to charge Mexico for a wall we could afford, but have no political will to build. He wants to deport anyone in the US illegally, when we don’t even know who most of them are. It sounds a lot like the stuff Republicans promised in 2010.

Below is Trump’s face in yet another media appearance. This is from “On Our Own,” the less popular theme to Ghostbusters 2. It also contains visuals of the Trump Tower, which is the most fantastically wonderful building ever constructed.


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  1. Trump is shooting himself in the foot: the truly nasty, unprovoked and uncalled for personal remarks abut Fiorina; the call to import Muslim refugees for humanitarian reasons when we have no idea who these people are–and 75% of them are military-age men (obama’s civilian supra-military in the making.)

    Careful, Donald, you’re about to blow it, which will give it all to Jebby.

    Comment by Mary — September 11, 2015 @ 1:07 am

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