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Apologizing for Nothing | September 8, 2015

Hillary Clinton is attempting to recreate a Bill Clinton strategy. During the Whitewater investigation, the sizzle became the tawdry story of Bill and Monica Lewinsky. When the issue was about “just sex” instead of crooked deals, the impact of the investigation was destroyed. Now that the e-mail “scandal” is about e-mail instead of Benghazi, Hillary Clinton is planning to apologize for running her own operation (e-mail server) and throw some minions under the bus. I doubt this will fix the fact that no one likes her, but it will scatter the investigation. The e-mail shenanigans the liberal media has ignored will now be the top story, along with the fact that Clinton didn’t know the rules and is as bad with technology as Obama tried to claim John McCain was in 2008.

Four Americans are still dead. Hopefully, they won’t be registered as Democrats.


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  1. An astute analysis of the distraction tactics being used by the Belle of Benghazi.

    Comment by Mary — September 8, 2015 @ 10:59 pm

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