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The Tallest One WIns | September 4, 2015

In reality, the tallest presidential candidate doesn’t always win, but usually does. No one has ever bothered to formulate a theory because the height differences are often minimal and historical data (especially on losing candidates) is unreliable. Even though this whole presidential election may be a year-long silly season, we never did have a very serious way of picking our leaders.

The one thing that makes Donald Trump a formidable candidate is that he has led consistently since his announcement and carried that momentum for weeks. He is well ahead of other Republicans (even Ben Carson, who is mostly keeping up only in Iowa) and is beating Hillary Clinton in head-to-head polls. Regardless of height, Trump is saying something different.

Barack Obama was the first Senator in decades to be directly elected president, mostly because the Republicans ran a Senator as well. Obama also gave a number of speeches about unity and against partisanship as a way to differentiate himself from a president who was at odds with the other party in Congress on a regular basis. Of course, any idiot off the street could have delivered a message decrying politics as usual. The Democrats chose Obama because they knew he wouldn’t follow it.

Trump is given the unvarnished message people want to hear at this moment. Everyone is Washington is horrible and incompetent and he’s going to come in and fire people who won’t do things. He’s running as a Republican, but it’s obvious he is not beholden to them. For years, Republicans have criticized the establishment and their unwillingness to buck the system. Trump is trying to merge that contingent into a voting majority.


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  1. I do like Trump. Egads, they all lie and bloviate to win, it’s just that Donald’s more fun to listen to. 😉

    Comment by DeniseVB — September 4, 2015 @ 10:32 pm

  2. Trump [says…]Everyone is Washington is horrible and incompetent….

    calling a spade a spade;

    new broom sweeps clean.

    Comment by Mary — September 5, 2015 @ 12:48 am

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