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Yes, All Women Should Shoot Rapists | September 3, 2015

Sean Hannity’s radio show was guest-hosted by celebrity Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County today. He is an advocate for citizens arming themselves as a first line of defense against criminals who arm themselves without regard to gun laws and “gun free zones.” I listened to a segment where he talked about a woman who had a concealed carry permit for a gun, but went to a University in Florida that did not allow her to carry on campus. One night, she was raped in an empty parking lot by a man holding a gun to her head.

I am not a gun owner. Shooting doesn’t sound fun to me, there’s a lot of legal effort and expense involved with having a gun and they can be stolen if you don’t have a gun safe, which also costs money. However, concealed carry means that criminals have no idea who is armed and not armed. The exceptions are the gun free zones where they know there is a much better chance of an unarmed population within.

I think a similar principle applies to shooting a (potential) rapist. Not every woman wants to be responsible for someone’s death. Others can handle it, especially when they are attacked. If enough women are given the ability and the Second Amendment rights to do it, many fewer criminals will attempt to assault a woman.


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  1. And I know exactly where I would aim.

    Comment by Mary — September 3, 2015 @ 11:34 pm

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