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I’m Not Against Deportation

September 30, 2015
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Back in the normal days of politics, the Republican Party held to what I call the Lou Dobbs standard. Employers would be required to use the federal E-Verify system and resolve any inconsistencies. Identification should also be required for government services. Also, the IRS needs to stop issuing taxpayer ID numbers to illegal immigrants to give them the semblance of legality. A wall or fence would also be needed, mostly to protect the US from criminals, drug dealers, gang members or rapist coyotes.

Preventing the possibility of employment removes the “magnet,” or incentive for Mexicans to seek illegal work in the US. Removing welfare would create a situation where illegal immigrants would have to self-deport, i.e. leave. Is this possible? It would require non-corrupt politicians and some laws to be passed. Also, some lawsuits would be fought. It’s unlikely.

Enforced deportation, on the other hand, seems like an extreme solution in reality. As a talking point, it’s a real crowd pleaser. When 70% of Americans support deportation, that number is bound to drop by half as soon as some of their Facebook friends call them racists and compare them to Hitler. I call that soft support. Mainstream Republicans, RINO or conservative, are not warm on the idea. Libertarians reject it outright because they believe in a minimum wage of $0 where anyone in the world should be able to compete with an American for a job.

The best social engineering occurs when small changes result in positive behavior by the people themselves. Taking away incentives in the US makes illegals more prone to leave. Fair is not part of the equation. Government does all kinds of unfair and wrong things. I believe in KISS – keep it simple, stupid.


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The Scorpion

September 29, 2015
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The story of the scorpion and the frog is actually an American variant of other Aesop’s fables. In it, a frog agrees to carry a scorpion on his back across a river after the scorpion promises not to sting him. Unfortunately, the scorpion can’t help stinging, as it is his nature, and they both drown.

I think the problem with the leadership in the Republican party is they do not understand that there is a scorpion in one Barack Hussein Obama. It is in Obama’s nature to be petty, thin-skinned and occasionally operate against his own self-interest. For example, the Sequester was a plan that could potentially impact Democratic party sacred cows, but he never thought the GOP would call his bluff on it. Obamacare was the legislation that sealed the fate against a continued Democratic majority.

If it is in someone’s nature not to negotiate when they have to give up something they want, the only response should be to force their hand. Instead, the GOP and pundits use terms like “zones” of possibility and compromise to explain why some men want to see the world burn. The sad fact is that Americans voted for an awful human being and sometimes you have to fight evil.

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A Stone Wall

September 28, 2015
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Donald Trump’s interviewer yesterday was 60 Minutes anchor Scott Pelley. A lot of conversation from conservatives compared the tough, often pointed questions by Pelley to the softballs lobbed in Obama interviews.

It appears that this matches with Sharyl Attkison’s book “Stonewalled” where she wrote about how her stories were left to languish rather than be rejected outright, often after a number of re-writes by Pelley to remove the news content from them.

This is a good indicator for Trump of the difference between hard questions from a legitimate news organization, like Fox, and a bunch of attack questions by a biased media source like CBS. Then again, maybe Trump’s attack on Fox is just a ruse to get on more “mainstream” media.

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90 Minutes

September 27, 2015
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CBS had an extended 60 Minutes on tonight featuring Donald Trump in one story. Trump has that liberal thing down where they say something insane with total conviction, eventually making arguing with them impossible. This was the Pajama Boy strategy. Like many Republicans, it’s another “right person, wrong job” scenario. He should be a consultant for Republican candidates. Maybe the GOP should elect him Speaker of the House. He would be only 2 places away from the presidential line of succession.

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Gone Galt

September 26, 2015

I think my final determination of the Trump phenomenon is that he’s the guy who targeted his platform at the people who are tired of politics as usual and have already given up. If you like Trump, there’s a good chance you think everything is going in the toilet anyway. Why not let the guy who pokes the bear into the White House this time? The only problem with this theory is that an even smaller than usual number of his supporters are going to vote at all, let alone for him.

I’ve mostly given up, but I still sometimes rage against the dying of the light. I’m not quite ready to vote for Trump and let the world burn. It’s kind of funny that we complain about having 20 people to vote for when there are 300 million people in the US. People are getting more cynical. They’re also going Galt, with a record number of people on Social Security, Disability and food stamps. I wonder what Donald Trump wants to do about them.

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Damning with High Praise

September 25, 2015
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Now that John Boehner will no longer be Speaker of the House. President Obama said something that pretty much cemented why conservatives didn’t want him as Speaker anymore.

John Boehner is a good man — he is a patriot, he cares deeply about the House, an institution for which he has served for a long time, he cares about his constituency and he cares about America.

I don’t doubt that what was said is true, but if Obama said it, he apparently got something from Boehner. Obama only likes people who help Obama.

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Trump’s Obama Tactics

September 24, 2015
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Remember back when newly minted President Obama started bad mouthing Fox News? Then he back tracked and went on The O’Reilly Factor. Even during the campaign, Obama started giving better access to ass-kissing media, regardless of how big or small they were. Donald Trump’s frequent whining about Fox News is getting into Obama territory.

Apparently, Roger Ailes had another conversation with Trump, much like the Megyn Kelly one. For all the world it seems like Trump is trying to leverage a set of softball interviews on Fox for every time they land a legitimate blow. As a businessman, it’s a good strategy. Use ill will to generate good will. As a politician, it’s a horrible precedent. Trump may be quick with a reply, he’s also willing to accept a biased media as long as it’s in his direction. If I wanted a conservative Obama, I’d support Rubio.

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Fox You!

September 23, 2015
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Donald Trump has been a fixture on Fox News for years. During The Apprentice, he appeared on Fox and Friends the next morning of every episode, even though it was on NBC. Fox News loves him as a personality. As a presidential candidate, they can’t exactly kiss his ass. I guess that’s not good enough for him.

Fox News has been called an arm of the Republican Party nearly since its inception. The content of the channel is conservative leaning. The nightly shows fall between middle of the road to highly conservative. In practice, it means they don’t run endless stories about global warming and in return they show the ACORN and Planned Parenthood tapes other networks avoid.

Donald Trump is the ultimate RINO. He’s been a Democrat and given money to Democrats for years. Most of the time, that’s what he’s called on by the likes of Fox News. He says rude and offensive things and sometimes offensive things are really offensive, not just “politically incorrect.” If people on the right feel so helpless against the GOP “establishment,” maybe they need to start their own party instead of blaming Fox for actually asking questions.

I’m glad Trump is boycotting Fox. Maybe now it will starve his movement of oxygen.

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It’s Not Scott Walker

September 22, 2015
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My tirades in various places over Scott Walker’s campaign ending and Donald Trump’s continued existence on this earth might have been a little much, but they were about something bigger than them. The three top candidates are a guy who has held nearly every opinion, a woman who bought a nomination and lost a Senate race and a doctor who eschewed politics until a few months ago. Most of the governors and Senators running in the GOP field are lagging behind, probably because they have political track records.

Picking a clean slate as president was the Barack Obama strategy. It is more likely, not less, to give us an imperial president. If you want fresh meat in government, vote for a new Congressman. Their retention rates are going back up since 2010. I also think Trump’s negatives are high and Carly’s aren’t much better with the Republican base. I’m going to take the middle road and support whoever the Republican nominee is. I just don’t care who it is now.

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And the Stupid Season Begins

September 21, 2015
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I can’t really be surprised Scott Walker had to drop out of the presidential race. He didn’t interview well enough, and all we care about now is the good interview. On paper, he’s the best Republican governor for president. He went after the primary Democratic party funding scheme while saving money for Wisconsin and even the teachers who decided not to pay dues anymore. To use the vernacular, he made Wisconsin great. Plus, he was my pick for president, so I obviously won’t get to vote for him.

Everyone else sucks. Mark my words, the GOP will lose the White House and possibly the Senate in 2016. They don’t have the will Scott Walker has. Donald Trump has no core principles. Carly Fiorina couldn’t win a Senate campaign with her own money. Ben Carson started his campaign based on trash talking Obama to his face at a breakfast. Everyone else is in the (low) single digits.

Right now, I’d vote for Biden.

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