Days of Change

Why Not Ben Carson?

August 31, 2015

Since Donald Trump announced his run for president, he has managed to suck the oxygen out of the rest of the pack. People like Jeb! and Marco Rubio are “front-runners” and Carly Fiorina is an unexpectedly harsh critic of Hillary Clinton. Today, a Republican candidate has caught up with Trump, at least in Iowa polls and that man is Dr. Benjamin Carson.

The fact that Carson, who has been in single digits for most of this campaign so far, tied with Trump at 32% in state polls is a surprise, but not unbelievable. Carson has strong beliefs, is extremely intelligent and quite articulate if you give him more than 15 seconds to talk. He has leadership abilities that put him at the top of the pack for a non-politician.

With all due respect to Carly, (and Trump, I guess) Carson’s leadership is as a surgeon. Being good with a scalpel does not make you a great surgeon. Unlike a CEO who tells employees what to do, Carson has learned to lead among equals, doctors who are intelligent and qualified, but who also need a team leader. A surgical team is one of the most precisely accurate working groups there is, especially in the high-stakes field of separating conjoined twins.

I’m perfectly happy voting for Ben Carson for president. Although, it wouldn’t hurt if Scott Walker were his vice president.


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