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White Man’s Rage

August 30, 2015

When I think about socialism, I skip all the modern takes on it and go right back to the source, The French Revolution. It was socialism at its most pure. The 1% in the monarchy were the problem, so the people rose up and executed them. The leaders of the revolution set themselves up as the government. The first rule of socialism set in quickly. When everyone gets their needs taken care of regardless of their labor, labor becomes voluntary and scarce. Bakers literally had to be forced to bake bread so people didn’t starve.

Stage 2 of socialism involves social manipulation and authoritarianism. The French had the Reign of Terror. Basically, people were executed for minor crimes of the new socialist code, like complaining about the government. At some point the rate of killing has to slow. For the French, the leaders of the Revolution were executed. Socialists never use this as an example.

I mention this because socialists can no longer attempt a proletariat revolution. You can’t kill the rich, you can only attempt to eat the rich. Modern socialism claims that extracting the wealth from this top 1% means prosperity for the other 99% and assumes that the first rule of socialism will somehow not reveal itself.

For the last half century, the federal government has been working to move wealth from the White population to the Black and other minority populations. The 1% wasn’t working because they protected their assets. This is Stage 2. Actually, for the last century, progressives have been trying to take power from the states and individual stake holders and distribute it to the masses. This has led to the masses being less productive because of the first rule of socialism. Specifically, I speak of the federal income tax, the¬†laws letting non land owners having the vote and the direct election of Senators.

Recently, we have seen this impotent Black rage movement, usually resulting in no social change but violence and criminality from Black people. Remember, no liberal movement wants to win, otherwise¬†they get murdered. What’s been even longer incoming is the rage from White people who are not wealthy, but expected to pay more of a lowered income to jobless people with vague promises of unionized paradise where $15 an hour sounds like a lot of money. They might as well offer $50.

Progressives may be right that the Tea Party or Donald Trump represents angry, White men. The problem is that it represents White women, Black people who want to work hard, immigrants who worked to become citizens and middle-age adults who figured out that Democrats are frequently full of crap. I’d say to anyone who wants a government that fights crime and not “economic inequality,” you are an honorary angry White man.


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