Days of Change

Boxcar Hilly

August 28, 2015
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When Mike Huckabee compared the administration to Nazi capitulators, pundits saw it as a desperate move to gain attention for a weak presidential bid. I wonder if they dare to say the same thing about Hillary Clinton. She evoked imagery of the Nazis rounding up Jews and others into boxcars when describing Republican immigration plans. The analogy would only work if being deported back to Mexico was like going to a concentration camp. I’m not sure how the Mexican government would feel about that comparison.

After 8 years nothing has really changed. Hillary may be able to push her way into the nomination this time, much like Romney did in 2012. Like Romney, she will not win the general election. The Democrats know that she can’t win an election outside of New York State. She can use all the red meat she wants, but if Obama anoints a different candidate (Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren) all his left-wing supporters will leave her, no matter her rhetoric.


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