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Black People are Murderers

August 26, 2015
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During a live broadcast on station WDBJ in Virginia, a Black former employee of the station murdered a reporter and camera operator on air. He got away and posted on social media sites his own video and a manifesto of his belief that racism was the reason for all his woes.

The people who call for a conversation on race do not believe that words can solve anything. They (and by “they” I mean the white people who run these groups) want White people to give up their freedom to the government and eventually to the kind of socialists who end up killing everyone who gave up their power.

They also want White people to give up their guns. Somehow, the ownership of guns by law-aiding citizens makes them appear in the hands of criminals who will never give up their guns willingly. If you think the media was for gun control before, see how it gets now that their own have been taken out by guns, even if it was another person in the media.


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