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Battle of the Poplular

August 25, 2015
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From what I understand, Megyn Kelly went on an unscheduled vacation for 11 days after the first Republican debate. Her moderation was criticized by leading candidate Donald Trump. She returned on Monday and spent some time interviewing Trump detractors. Trump, in his usual fashion, decided to re-ignite the flame war with Kelly to the dismay of programming head Roger Ailes.

I was going to talk about Trump’s economic populism. While people like Bernie Sanders like to include people by claiming they are all oppressed by the corporations and need to rise up, Trump is the example of how America is great, because people can be rich and famous. I think maybe fortune and fame isn’t as important as what Trump is most famous for. He does not suffer fools.

Even if you like Megyn Kelly, (I’m indifferent) there are people who are not kind or fair to you, even if it’s just a terrible server in a restaurant. There’s something really cathartic about being able to tell someone off once in a while. For Donald Trump, once is a while seems to be every single time.


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