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The Secret Room

August 20, 2015
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In the continuing Hillary Clinton e-mail saga, we’ve learned that the small company that ran her server operations once had her server stored in the closet of a loft bathroom. No matter how secure the data was, anyone going Number 2 in that building could have filled up a flash drive with State Department e-mails, some of which were apparently Top Secret.

My theory is that Clinton had this server in the first place to keep her e-mails from Barack Obama. Whether it was a bathroom server or a government one, the Chinese or Russians were just as likely to get into it. I think this was all about an administration who watched everyone (James Rosen comes to mind) and trusted no one. Clinton probably knew she was working with the enemy from Day 1. For the same reasons she decided to work for Obama, she will never say Obama is the reason she hid her e-mails. She wants to be president that much.


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