Days of Change

Black Lies Matter

August 19, 2015

One of the most prominent names in the hash tag based Black Lives Matter movement is Shaun King. King, though light-skinned, claimed he was bi-racial (kind of like Barack Obama) with a Black father. Legal evidence has come forth that he is White like Rachel Dolezal, who also tried to reverse-pass as Black for activist purposes.

For his part, King also took spots in Black-only scholarships not available to White people. The worst thing he has done is still Black Lives Matter. This unfocused group had no real demands, only complaints, much like the failed Occupy movement. Even liberals were attacked by the leadership when they modified the sentiment to “all lives matter.” Ironically, Shaun King’s life does not matter by his own rules.

Much of the left has become tired of this unproductive and racist group of anarchists. This revelation will hopefully provide fuel to end months of lies and suspicion toward police departments that increased Black on Black murders as police chiefs had to scale back law enforcement activity.


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