Days of Change


August 15, 2015
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The Iowa Straw Poll is an incredibly early contest where a small group of people start to choose a nominee. Apparently, Donald Trump has been offering helicopter rides (not a euphemism, but a real helicopter) during the voting. I recall that Michele Bachmann won this poll in 2012 which was so important that she dropped out after she came in sixth in the actual Iowa caucus.

On the plus side, more Democrats are thinking of joining the race so I can laugh at them without underlying sadness.

Plus, Obama will not be able to claim “bipartisan support” for the Iran deal like he did with single vote Republicans like Joseph Cao (voted for Obamacare the first time and lost his House race in 2010) and Arlen Specter (who lost a nomination in 2010 and his life shortly after). Jeff Flake came to his senses and will now be a definite no vote. The real milestone, however, is a veto proof majority in the Senate.


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