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She’ll Need Some Campaign Secrets in that Server

August 12, 2015
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Every hard drive made in the last 10 years has internal commands that completely wipe the data as part of its own security protocol. If you can’t get those to work, (sometimes the computers won’t activate it) there is completely free software that can make so many rewrite passes over a hard drive platter that even 3 contiguous bits of data could not be retrieved. They general work in a matter of hours. Hillary Clinton has had her server for months since the request was made for it by Congress.

And you know what? It doesn’t matter. The PUMA blogs that were pro-Hillary (sometimes after being pro-Edwards) are in some cases reactivating as Clinton’s cheering section. Her support for the Obama administration doesn’t matter. Benghazi doesn’t matter and the e-mail server and its secrets certainly don’t matter. Then again, support for Hillary doesn’t matter. She can’t win.

Hillary Clinton supporter are riding high on the idea that Bernie might beat her in the first primary, but doesn’t have much support in the other states. Bill Clinton lost new Hampshire, of course, but he was deemed “the comeback kid” in 1992 after coming in second. Momentum is at least as important than winning, and both are less important than fund-raising. While Clinton has (Clinton) cash, any ads she runs are going to have a much lower chance of changing anyone’s mind.

One of the reasons Republicans lost in 2008 was that they had a campaign strategy to beat Hillary Clinton. John McCain was an ideal candidate to do it, even if he had Joe Lieberman as VP. I suspect the Democrats knew this. They tried to push Edwards, but Obama’s hit squad had other plans. Edwards’ affair was mysteriously discovered at exactly the right time and Obama started sucking up all the oxygen. Party leadership saw this blank slate as the way to win and started to drain delegates from Clinton. I still believe that she was not robbed of the presidency, but of a nomination that would have lost Democrats the presidency. I can’t wait to see what happens this time. I suspect I may not like it, though. Barack Obama made me nostalgic for the Bill Clinton era.


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