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All Signs Point to… Something

August 11, 2015
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The fact that Barack Obama is a terrible president and a horrible human being makes me excited about any Republican winning the presidential election. Hillary Clinton has thrown in with the Obama administration, as has Joe Biden. Frankly, I wouldn’t want any current Democrat to win. At the same time, any Republican in the race (including Jeb) is acceptable.

Whether he will succeed or not, I prefer Scott Walker over the other candidates at the moment, with possibly a Ted Cruz chaser as VP. Walker is conservative, has executive experience and can run a campaign against the forces of evil, otherwise known as liberal interest groups. Obama used his position to unprivatize health care in the sense that the government pulls the strings. Walker diminished the hold of unions on the state, taking most of the money from the unions leadership itself. That is the kind of strategy that will take away the influence of Democrats.

The GOP establishment seems to be behind either Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio, or both. While they are pro-immigration, they are not like the lawless Obama administration, encouraging unaccompanied children to cross the border, sometimes with diseases. They are not favorites of the base, however, and that could be a problem.

In 2012, the GOP got their establishment candidate. They developed rules to try taking the untamed qualities out of Tea Party favorites. The problem was that they couldn’t win using their strategy. Mitt Romney wasn’t my dream candidate, but he’s pretty damn qualified. Still, one of the reasons why I didn’t want him to get the nomination was because he was running a domed, move to the center, campaign. If that crap worked, McCain would have been president. One of the last squishy Republicans was George H.W. Bush. He lost the second time on his record and won the first time on being Reagan’s VP.

The Republicans need to trust int their conservative platform and stop running candidates who ignore it.


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