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Obama is a Terrorist

August 8, 2015
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This week, Obama has continued his push for an Iran treaty that only requires that 34 Senators sit on their hands to pass. That is looking less and less likely. At one point, he made the bold claim that the Republicans (even though Democrats are starting to join the coalition) against the treaty mirror the hardliners in Iran who shout “death to America.” That analogy would mean something if Obama wasn’t becoming the terrorist.

The Iran deal is basically terrible. Billions of dollars will be unfrozen (families of terror victims are suing to have that money held for court settlements Iran never paid) and oil can again be traded. Inspections of nuclear facilities will favor Iran, allowing them to place some sites off-limits for periods of time. All of these concessions are offered under the premise that Iran will somehow be delayed in building a nuclear weapon.

Obama and his boot lickers have engaged in an argument that amounts to “this treaty is the only thing stopping Iran from nuking us” even though the mechanism that achieves that is not available for scrutiny. Instead of Obama aiming a nuke at America and demanding a payment, he is instead aiming a potential Iranian nuke at our country if we don’t agree to the treaty. The threat of death to get what you want is the boiler plate definition of terrorism.

So it turns out that Obama actually is a terrorist.


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