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Parenthood Isn’t Planned | August 6, 2015

In the days of Margaret Sanger, contraception either consisted of avoidance (pulling out, rhythm) or rubbers. Most of it depended on the guy. Planned parenthood brought in devices like the diaphragm. The pill was created mid-century. Still, the ultimate method of birth prevention remains abortion. If you look at all the sob stories being trotted out about the women who have abortions, one truth remains.

No nearly enough people are planning parenting.

As a matter of logic, every living thing has to procreate. Nature makes it really important by providing multiple reward systems. What human beings fail to acknowledge is that the biological drive to procreate is so strong that it is embedded in our subconscious. No matter how much “education” is provided on the subject, some people think they want a baby under any circumstances and other just forget or get caught up in the moment because nature wants babies.

Knowing that evolutionary biology is in effect also leads to the conclusion that there are negative psychological consequences to having an abortion. Much like boys who play with trucks and girls who play with dolls, women do not need to be shamed from the outside for having an abortion. Many will feel bad about it all on their own.

A culture of abstinence, not just in sex but in most vices, is a positive to me. Doing what you want and seeking a state of happiness instead of contentment is a recipe for disappointment. This isn’t about my dumb philosophy, however. The fact is that Planned Parenthood as an organization cannot be true to its name. It can only exist as “Abortions R Us” which is why no one there has any qualms about vivisection as a revenue generation tool.


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  1. Agreed!

    1. An abortion means there was no planning.
    2. Abortion has become the preferred means of birth control among both the low-life and the spoiled-brat sets.
    3. Self-indulgent and self-excusing behavior are the emotional entitlements of the me-I-I-me generation, and now of their teen ad adult children.

    Comment by Mary — August 7, 2015 @ 12:36 am

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