Days of Change


August 4, 2015
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The fifth Planned Parenthood video dropped today with another 7 or so to go. Today’s was set in Houston, TX, where a state investigation is currently being boycott by its focus, Planned Parenthood. A representative of the Center for Medical Progress, the maker of these films, was pointing out that what the organization is doing to secure “fetal tissue” is not only barbaric, but violating the born alive legislation written to prevent this kind of thing. It’s also one of the few pieces of legislation Obama made a name for himself with, but voting against keeping babies alive.

This hits close to home for me politically because it is the cornerstone of my conservatism. It’s why I have been able to keep my soul against Democratic Party propaganda. They believe in terminating a pregnancy whenever it’s inconvenient, the GOP is not nearly as sanguine.

Taking all funding away from the groups that fund Planned Parenthood may be impossible, so I believe we need oversight. In this regulation nation, we cannot allow Planned Parenthood to use some bullshit confidentiality excuse to operate a Gosnell mill in thousands of locations. Stopping them from special, baby torturing processes to extract organs will defund them slightly, but it will defend life greatly.


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