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Two Debates, No Waiting

August 2, 2015
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Fox News scheduled the first prime time debate of the 2016 presidential election on Thursday. They also scheduled a before prime time debate. Due to an unusual number of announced Republican candidates and no primaries to filter them out yet, Fox News will use national polling to put the top 10 candidates on stage at 9pm. The rest will be invited to a forum at 5pm on the same day. Hopefully, there won’t be another 4 candidates this week, or they’ll have to open up a third debate.

The GOP decided to try a limited debate schedule this year, which led to more establishment candidates encouraged to run. It also led to more iconoclasts getting in early to get a seat at the table. Now, the candidate pool is in the teens, the highest polling candidate is also in the teens and he happens to be Donald Trump. More great decisions by the GOP.

While some of the contenders might be tempted to go Trump on Fox this week, (Huckabee’s oven comments come to mind) the best course may be to let it go and realize that this incredibly early forum will have no positive effect on voting. The most mileage anyone will get out of this is whoever is recording the 10 second sound bite that will be used against you for the next 13 months.


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